Back To School

All the essentials to making Back to School stylish, fun, and easy!  Whether it is your little one's first time or if they are a "seasoned" professional, Back To School can sometimes be stressful.  With all there is to do, let's make it fun for you all.  I know some parents are letting out a huge sigh of relief as you are anxiously waiting to get your schedules back on track! Summers are great but can also be tiring, right?  Some of you are looking forward to the few hours of YOU time and maybe the kids are also looking forward to getting out of the house and back with friends. 

Sending your little one off to preschool or Kindergarten can be heart wrenching but you know it will be good for you both.  It gets a little easier and you will be so proud to see what their amazing minds can accomplish!

Backpacks and lunch essentials, stainless drink and lunch wears.  Get it all here!  We've got your covered!

Happy Back-To-School & Thank you for shopping small for your school essentials!