M1201 Mayoral Heirloom Set, Knicker Overall, Cardigan & Shirt

$ 59.99

Cozy knit cardigan, shirt, and knit overall set. The warm colors and sweet look of these set pieces will have both you and your baby feeling good.

Button up cardigan with gentle macademia color. 60% Cotton, 40% Viscosa.

Light white short-sleeved shirt perfect when paired with thicker pieces for colder weather or when worn by itself during the warmer seasons. 100% Cotton.

Macademia colored knit overalls that complete the set piece look. 60% Cotton, 40% Viscosa.

This set is perfect when paired with matching knit blanket. Item #72, sold separately.

All are machine washable, use cold water with like colors. Tumble dry low. Iron as needed.

1201 Heirloom Set, Knicker Overall, Cardigan & Shirt

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