BabyLit Story Book, Classic Literature for Kids - Moby Dick

$ 12.99

A bit longer than the baby board book version.

Why get them just another baby book when you can get them the classics? Baby Lit books are a wonderful adaption of well loved classic literature, but adapted for little ones! Don't get us wrong. These are not the full stories but fun and wonderful primers that introduce babies and toddlers to colors, shapes, numbers, counting, weather, etc. all the while featuring key elements from the actual classics. How cool is that? Introduce your little one to the wonderful world of classic literature and start them off right, on a journey to the love of reading.

Easy to read for beginning readers. Share a "classic" with your little genius book worm and start building their library for life!

Moby Dick Board Book is a fun way to teach about the ocean and introduce your little one to world of classic literature at the same time. Brilliant!  Includes the shorten version of the original book.  Easy and fun for toddlers and adults alike to enjoy this great classic story.

Baby Lit Story Book measures approx. 14″ x 14″ with thicker, board style pages.
28 Pages
Full-Color Illustrations

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