Hape - Fresh Fruit

$ 29.99

Let them learn to slice and cut with this fun and healthy set of fruits.  Comes with a wooden knife and 6 fruit that they can slice up themselves.  They love the feel of being able to actually "chop".  Helps with their developing motor skills and teaches them to eat healthy and get their daily services of fresh fruit! 

Did you know that some children do not even know what some fruit look like because they do not have access to FRESH FRUIT?  Get them this set to help them develop healthy eating habits and learn the names, colors, shapes, etc. of fruit. 

Don't forget to grab one of our Hape Kitchens too!

We love the quality of all Hape Toys.  Colorful.  Engaging.  Perfect for creative play and cognitive development.

Age:  3+ Years

Main Material:  Wood, Water-based, Non-toxic paints.

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