Hevea Tree Rubber Chew/Teething Accessory - Baby Teether & Bath Toy, Carrot

$ 21.00

Your kids will eat their veggies...right?  Well, even if they do not at first, this is a fun way to introduce them to their future love of veggies...a parent can hope, right?  Either way, these soft teethers that also double as great floating bath toys, are made from natural rubber harvested from the Hevea Tree. 

All are then hand-painted with food-grade colors.  They have no holes so will not have any areas for mold and bacteria to harvest.

Choose from our full selection of fun fruits and veggies.  Get on or the entire set for teething and for bathing! 

Perfectly sized rings for little hands to grasp.  Lots of different curves, angles and areas for them to chew and all without any chemicals for mom to worry about. 

Wash with warm soapy water and dry. 

Natural Rubber Teething Toy, Floating Bath, Biodegradeable Eco-Toy, & Play Food for their Kitchen! 

Carrot, Measures approximately 3" diameter.  Forms a circle and easy for babies to grasp.

Designed in Barcelona, Spain.  Made in Morocco.

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