Teether, Raw, Natural Beech Wood Teething Ring

$ 7.99

Have a baby that is drooling, fussy, and wanting to put everything in their mouth?  Are they wanting or showing a need to chew in order to soothe their itchy or sore gums but you do not want to worry about all those chemicals that could be leeching from plastic toys and other types of teethers?  Try our Raw Beech Wood Teethers!  Cure, whimsical design.  Clean rounded surfaces and perfectly sized for little hands to grasp.  Lots of different curves and areas for them to chew but without any chemicals for mom to worry about. 

Wash with warm soapy water and dry.  Then rub with mineral oil (like what is used on wood cutting boards) to prolong the life of your teethers.

All can be attached to a tether or clip to prevent them from getting lost (or tossed out of the stroller).  One for the stroller and an extra for the diaper bag for less worry and fewer melt downs when baby is going through the teething pains.

Raw Wood Teethers.  Beech Wood.  Unicorn, Classic Rocking Horse, or choose 2 PC Sets!

Each wooden teether measures approx. 3"w x 2.5"h

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