Chew/Teething Accessory - Silicone Teething Toy, Lllama, Unisex

$ 11.99

Super cute and functional teethers and chew toys for your baby!  Plastic-free, BPA & Phthalate-free Silicone.  No harmful chemicals.  Soft and gentle on sore gums plus a fun and wonderful shape for baby to hold.

Silicone gives baby and toddler more of a "bite" and is gentle on those very sore gums and is much better than plastics or other harder surfaces. 

Naturally anti-bacterial and more resistant to mold and mildew.  No hidden holes or crevices to harbor bacteria.  Easy to sanitize and clean in your dishwasher or hot water (can also be boiled or steamed on the stove or microwave). 

Top rack dishwasher safe to sanitize.  Easy to attach to a universal pacifier clip, string through one of our silicone necklaces or use as-is.

Perfect for any gender and makes a great addition to add to your Baby Shower gift!

approx. dimensions:  3.0-3.5""tall x 2.0"-2.5"wide x 0.75"thick

Chew/Teething Accessory - Silicone Teething Toy, Lllama, Unisex

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