Baby Girls Leather Moccasins, Pink Sparkle Mermaid

$ 39.95

What's better than the feel of soft genuine leather moccasins on your baby girl's little feet?  Soft genuine leather Unicorn moccasins, of course!

Your little baby is magical so why not put her in these adorable soft soled shoes to complete any outfit?  Leather moccasins are versatile and soft on baby's developing feet and are the go-to shoe because they STAY ON!  They are easy to put on with the elastic stretchy band at the top and they stay put with your active little one kicking their legs and learning to walk and toddle around.

Soft soled for comfort and non-restricting on their soft developing bones, which is what Pediatricians and Podiatrists recommend on baby feet and bones.

Genuine leather upper and sole.  Elastic top for easy on and off.  Available in baby and toddler sizes.

Use measurements below as a guideline.  Be sure to add extra room for socks and wiggle room.

Length/Width (Inches), add min 0.25" after measuring:

4.33"L/2.36"W, 3-6 mo size (XS)

4.72"L/2.56"W, 6-12 mo size (S)

5.12"L/2.76"W, 12-18 mo size (M)

5.5"L/2.95"W, 18-24 mo size (L)

5.9"L/3.15"W, 24-36 mo size (2-3 year toddler, XL)

Length/Width (Centimeters), add 0.5-1.0cm after measuring:

11cmL/6cmW, 3-6 mo size (XS)

12cmL/6.5cmW, 6-12 mo size (S)

13cmL/7cmW, 12-18 mo size (M)

14cmL/7.5cmW, 18-24 mo size (L)

15cmW/8cmW, 24-36 mo size (2-3 year toddler, XL)

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