Baby Shoes Leatherette Moccasins, Little Boutin Red Bottoms

$ 19.99

If they are good enough for mom, then red bottom shoes are good enough for baby!  Luxury for your little baby or the little one on your New Arrivals list is worth it.  Get them these leatherette black baby moccasins with red bottoms and you will get lots of "oohs" and "aahs" at the baby shower!

These make great gifts but also are perfect for any outfit.  Comfy and stretchy elastic for easy on and off.  They also stay on baby's feet.  Soft soled and perfect for newborn to your first walker.

Faux leather upper and lower. 

Use measurements below as a guideline.  Be sure to add extra room for socks and wiggle room.

Measure baby's feet in Length/Width (Inches), add min 0.25" after measuring.  then choose your shoe size based on the measurement vs the age (age is given as "typical" but all babies are different so when in doubt, go by measurement instead of age):

Moccasins, Foot Measurement.
Add 0.25" (0.5-1.0cm) after measuring from heel to toe.
Length (inches) Width (inches) Approx Age (months) Size US Shoe Size
3.94" 2.17" 0-3 XXS 1
4.33" 2.36" 3-6 XS 2
4.72" 2.56" 6-12 Size 3
5.12" 2.76" 12-18 M 4
5.5" 2.95" 18-24 L 5
5.9" 3.15" 24-36 XL 6
Length (cm) Width (cm) Approx Age (months) Size US Shoe Size
10 cm 5.5 cm 0-3 XXS 1
11 cm 6.0 cm 3-6 XS 2
12 cm 6.5 cm 6-12 Size 3
13 cm 7.0 cm 12-18 M 4
14 cm 7.5 cm 18-24 L 5
15 cm 8.0 cm 24-36 XL 6


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