Baby Shoes, Genuine Leather Moccasins, Classic Tan Leopard Print

$ 34.50

Baby Shoes Genuine Leather Moccasins, Classic Tan Leopard Print

Soft and handmade, genuine leather upper and suede soles.  Super soft and conforms to baby's growing feet.  Non-constraining and non-binding.

Velcro straps for adjustable comfort and so your baby's new kicks won't be kicked off and lost!  Great for new walkers too so they can feel comfortable like in their bare feet but with the added protection and durability of genuine leather.

Nothing beats the look and feel of genuine baby leather moccasins for their first pair of shoes and shoes they will want to stay in for years to come while they grow into toddler and first walkers!

Use measurements below as a guideline.  Be sure to add extra room for socks and wiggle room.

Measure baby's feet in Length/Width (Inches), add min 0.25" after measuring.  then choose your shoe size based on the measurement vs the age (age is given as "typical" but all babies are different so when in doubt, go by measurement instead of age):

Moccasins, Foot Measurement.
Add 0.25" (0.5-1.0cm) after measuring from heel to toe to leave wiggle room.
Length (inches) Width (inches) Approx Age (months) Size US Shoe Size
3.50"-4.25 2.17" 0-3 XXS 1
4.25"-4.75" 2.36" 3-6 XS 2
4.75"-5.25" 2.56" 6-12 Size 3
5.25"-5.50" 2.76" 12-18 M 4
5.50"-5.75" 2.95" 18-24 L 5
5.75"-6.00" 3.15" 24-36 XL 6
Length (cm) Width (cm) Approx Age (months) Size US Shoe Size
10 cm 5.5 cm 0-3 XXS 1
11 cm 6.0 cm 3-6 XS 2
12 cm 6.5 cm 6-12 Size 3
13 cm 7.0 cm 12-18 M 4
14 cm 7.5 cm 18-24 L 5
15 cm 8.0 cm 24-36 XL 6


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