Bear & Boba Puffy Squishy Phone Socket

$ 9.99

Bear & Boba Puffy Squishy Phone Socket

Moms, do your little ones love We Bare Bear?  Do you love Boba?  Well, we've got the perfect phone socket for you! 

How adorable is this squishy socket, with boba that actually floats around the boba cup?  Super fun and of course, helps you keep the phone in your hand and not dropped on the floor when your hands are full.   We know, sometimes moms feel like they need to be octopus-like, we never have enough hands for all the things we need to hold, tote, lug, and of course hug and love. 

Put one of these fun sockets on your phone to help.

Measures approx 2.75"T x 2"W

Adhesive disc measures approx. 1.5"DIA

(**Always double check adhesion is secure.)

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