Boba 4G - Infant/Toddler Carrier, SOHO (CLICK FOR MORE OPTIONS)

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Enjoy freedom together with one of the best carriers on the market.  Good for you and good for baby.

Studies show that developing children should always face you while in a carrier so that their spine and hips are in a more natural position for healthy growth.  Facing and "dangling" a baby facing outward from the hips like some older style carriers is not the best for the developing bones of a baby nor is it good for your center of gravity...which in turns causes more pain and fatigue when carrying baby.

With the Boba 3G and/or 4G, your child faces you either in the front or carried on the back.  One carrier can be used from newborn (7 lbs) up to approx. 45 lbs (that's about a 4-5 year old child!).

All Boba carriers come with all the "bells & whistles" so there is never a need to purchase any additional accessories, like infant inserts, stirrups, hoodies, etc.  They have though of everything, even a little strap and snap to keep your baby bag or purse from sliding off your shoulder as well as straps that roll up neatly with built-in elastic straps to tuck everything in place so you don't have to worry about walking around with strings and straps dangling everywhere to tangle you and baby up!

Features all the "bells & whistles" without additional costs:

  • fully padded carrier for newborn to toddler, 7 to 45 lbs (no inserts required)
  • military-grade buckles for durability; easily snaps in place with two clicks and you're ready to go
  • adjustable position and length stirrups/foot rests so they are always in a comfortable and supported seated position or removed to wash or when not in use
  • built-in sun/breast-feeding hoodie shade that can be snapped over your shoulder or tucked away in the front zipper pouch
  • additional zipper at waist for keys, credit cards, etc.
  • Strap and snap at both shoulders to keep purses, bags, etc. from slipping off your shoulder
  • completely machine washable
  • highest rise so carrier supports baby's neck and helps limit head bobbing and neck fatigue!
  • convenient and comfortable to the MAX!

Now go out an enjoy the world with your baby!  No more feeling like your hands are tied just because baby wants to be close.  Baby wearing/carrying has been shown to be good for a child's development.  The bond they feel when they are close to you is unmatched.   They will grow up happy, with a sense of confidence, and an abundance of LOVE!

Enjoy your freedom together!  Welcome to the world of motherhood!  

SOHO print (Coral and Off White with Black)


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