BTS Bangtan Boys Kpop Uno Playing Cards

$ 12.99

All BTS Bangtan Boys Army will have so much fun together cherishing all the images on these cards and playing a fun game of the classic game of UNO!

Collect the full set or use them to travel and play along with your friends and fell Kpop BTS Army where ever you go!  Great to pass time as Army waits in line to see their favorite band the next time they come back to the US for another tour. 

We know we all can not wait to have RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, and our Maknae Jungkook back but we know our favorite Kpop boys need their rest.

In the mean time, we will be flipping through each and every BTS UNO Card in this deck!

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