Butterfly/Fairy Soft Fabric Wings, Peacock

$ 19.99

Dreamy Dress Ups soft wings are perfect for everyday fun.  Dressing up isn't just fun but it's how our children learn!  Costumes and dress up are always a big part of your little one's day.  Help make it that much more fun with these soft fabric wings.  Perfect for a fun-filled day of play.

Colorful printed fabric is soft.  Children love these soft wings because they do not need to be removed if they sit down.  Works like a cape and flows beautifully with a bit of a breeze.

Sturdy elastic shoulder straps and finger loops (perfect so your little one can flutter and flap the wings easily).

Do not leave children under 3 years unattended while wearing or playing with wings.

Perfectly sized for boys & girls 3 years and up. 

Peacock Soft Fabric Wing.



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