Bamboo Blanket Unisex Swaddle - Puppy, 45" x 45"

$ 19.99

Bamboo Swaddle Blanket Unisex - Puppy, 45" x 45"

A tried and true favorite but updated with fresh, modern prints for hip, fashionable families. It allows baby to stay warm in the colder months and also stay cool during warmer months.  Unlike other fabrics, cotton helps to better regulate baby's body temp so this blanket can be used year-round in most cases.  

Fashionable. Practical.  Multi-functional.   Beautiful.

45" x 45"

Use as a nursing cover, over the stroller or carriage, a light lap blanket for car rides or on the couch with a book, as a blanket for tummy time, a security blanket for toddlers...and of course as a take me home, swaddle/receiving blanket.

70% Bamboo. 30% Cotton
Machine or hand wash.  Tumble dry.

*Don't forget the matching teething ring blankie!  These make the perfect practical and cute gift!  Teething blankie sold separately.

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