Eco Friendly Compact, Portable Kitchen Cook Playset

$ 39.99

We know kids learn when they play and playing with high quality, eco-friendly toys that are safe and engaging are definitely a plus.  Let them help prepare the next meal with their very own set of pots, pans, and more. Pretend play helps their cognitive development as well as motor skills. 

Perfect for budding chefs, it includes miniature pots, pans and utensils, all with a matching retro flower print. They're packaged in a gorgeous suitcase which when turned upside down acts as a pretend hub and cook top. A great gift for kids. Gender neutral, unisex toys that last and they can easily take anywhere! Perfect for little trips and vacations or to the park/backyard.

Age:  3+ Years

Main Material:  Wood, Water-based, Non-toxic paints.

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