Eco-friendly Reusable Silicone Straw - (CLICK FOR MORE OPTIONS)

$ 2.99

Did you know that an estimated 500 MILLION single-use disposable straws are used and tossed every day just in the USA alone?  Much of that plastic ends up in our waterways and ocean.  You can help and do your part by reducing the need for plastic straws or refusing them altogether when you can by switching to a reusable Silicone or Stainless Steel. 

Silicone Straws are extra large and long, measuring approx. 10" for the straight straws and 8" straight section for the angled straw.  Reusable, durable, and waste-free.  Also does not retain odors or flavors.

Great for kids drinks as well as your favorite cocktail mixer or dinner party!

Food-grade silicone. Hand and dishwasher safe.

Straight Straw measures approx 10" long

Angled Straw measures 8" in the straight section + 3" in angled section.

(Don't forget to add a straw cleaning brush!)

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