Gift - Mug Life "Hot Mom" Mug

$ 9.99

If you're a HOT MOM, raise your hand!  We see you all!  All mamas are super HOT and you know it.  Yes, even on those days you feel a "mess" and just because you haven't showered, combed your hair, and are still not out of your jammies, just remember YOU ARE HOT!  You do it all and no, not everything looks "perfect" but YOU ARE PERFECT and you do so much and (most of the time) never complain and likely never ask for help but somehow you manage to get it all "done" and the kids are fed and they're happy and healthy.  Yeah, YOU!  You're Hot, mama! 

Hot Mom ceramic mug.  The perfect gift for the busy mama in your life, whether that be YOU or the Hottest mama you know.  What a great stocking stuffer! 

Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Mug approx dimensions"  3.5" Dia. x 4.0" Tall

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