Handmade Universal Teether/Pacifier Clip - Gray, Crochet and Beaded, 2 PC Set

$ 24.99

Handmade Universal Teether/Pacifier Clip - Gray, Crochet and Beaded, 2 PC Set

This handy universal clip is an essential item for your baby if you use a pacifier or a teether.  It's great to attach their favorite toy, rattle, etc. too. Gray beaded and gray braided universal clip is just what your baby needs so their most beloved teether or Pacific never gets dropped or lost!

This set comes with 2 universal clips as shown.

These universal clips are easy to clean! Just wipe down with a cleaning wipe while on the go or use warm, soapy water at home and allow to air dry. Hand wash recommended.

You never want a melt down or be left without their much loved item. Never leave baby alone or asleep with clips.

Approx. 7"-8" long

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