Hape Play Food - Homemade Gourmet Pizza

$ 29.99

Who does not love pizza?  Let them create their very own "wood fired" pizza with their very own toppings.  Then cut it up with the pizza wheel and a server.  What a great toy to engage and stimulate.  No electronics or battery powered "noises".  Just pure imagination and pretend play for hours of enjoyment!  We know kids learn when they play and playing with high quality, eco-friendly toys that are safe and engaging are definitely a plus. 

Don't forget to grab one of our Hape Kitchens too!

We love the quality of all Hape Toys.  Colorful.  Engaging.  Perfect for creative play and cognitive development.

Age:  3+ Years

Main Material:  Wood, Felt, Water-based, Non-toxic paints.

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