Autographed Copy - Children's Book - Mutasia, Figley's Search for the Perfect Pet

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Mutasia's "Figley's Search for the Perfect Pet" won the Mom's Choice Awards Gold Seal! 

Would a lizard-cat be a good pet?  How about a dolphin-pony?

Beautifully illustrated with vibrant and engaging colors and a fun, sweet story.  Your children will have so much fun on this journey in search of the "perfect" pet to an island where all creatures are seemingly impossible mixes of all animals imaginable.  These aren't your typical pets but certainly cute and fun and with all their differences, it teaches us all to love and appreciate how unique we are and that's what makes this world fun!

Mutasia Children's Entertainment.

Story book great and will be enjoyed by adults and kids of all ages but written with 4 years -10 year olds in mind.

Approx. 11" x 11", Hardcover

48 colorful pages

Autographed by both Suzanne Cotsakos & Ryan McCulloch

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