LED Flip Flops, Kids Sandals - White w/Butterflies

$ 9.99 $ 17.99

What's the first confirmation that Summer is near?  FLIP FLOPS!  We can wear them year round but definitely when the warm weather is here, flip flops come out and you see them from the littlest tykes to the entire family young and mature!  They're quick and easy and fun for almost any occasion and outfit.

We've seen light up shoes and sneakers but this is a first, LED Flip Flops!  Perfect for summer and the warm weather months, or great any time of year when you need a quick and easy show as you're rushing out the door (as all busy families do).

Lights up for added safety at night.  Makes kids more visible and it's great for parents to keep a close eye on them too.

Extra fun for the little ones to see the lights at night and also comes in great prints to match any outfit!

White Sandal with Multi-colored Butterflies

Here is an APPROXIMATE age and size correlation.  When unsure, best to round up one size.

CHILD AGE*      SIZE      LENGTH (mm)
2-3 yrs                  7/8          16.2
3-4                       9/10         17.8
5                         10/11         18.6
6                         11/12         19.4
7                         12/13         20.2
8                             1/2         21.8
9                             3/4         23.4
10                           5/6         25.0

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