Potty, Princess of the Potty for Girls

$ 8.99

From smelly, wet diapers to clean big-kid underwear, children will laugh right out of their pants and onto the potty as they master this momentous milestone.  Have a fun time while encouraging your little one to give the potty a try.  Having a book and hearing the story helps them along and teaches them that it can be fun and not a cause for anxiety...after all, everyone uses the potty...even mama and grandma!

Product Features
  • Reinforced Library Binding
  • Glossy wipeable cover
  • Ages: 2 and up

Don't forget to get them a new pack of undies, to help them feel like a "big girl".  It's a fun way to get them to always try the potty, even if there are a few accidents at first.  See our fun printed girls briefs, Mayoral item# 10392, sold separately.

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