Pura Stainless Bottles - 11 oz, Fuchsia

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Pura Stainless Bottles - 11 oz, Fuchsia

THE MOST VERSATILE and convenient eco-friendly, plastic-free bottle & sippy in the world!  It is the only brand that is completely plastic free!  All mating parts are plastic free (all food-safe, stainless steel) and nipples, spouts, and all accessories are plastic-free, medical-grade silicone.  Stainless is also recyclable and comprised of 60% recycled content. One bottle can last you an entire lifetime if you don't lose it! Just swap out the nipple for a silicone sippy or a straw when baby grows. For adults or school aged kids, you can remove the nipple or sippy spout, switch to a straw, or cap it off with the silicone sealing discs or Big Mouth spout (sold separately) and use as a water bottle for kids or adults on the go.  Toss it in the diaper bag, backpack, or in the car.  One bottle adaptable for the entire family and grows with baby. 

No more plastic bottles ending up in landfills.  Also, no more fussing over which top or sippy fits with which bottle.  All of the Pura tops, nipples, spouts, straws, etc. are compatible with the same bottle.  Super easy!  One bottle, so many uses (even makes a great vessel for left over sauces or soups)!

*Crafted from food-safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel
*No plastic components at all means no odors, stains, or concerns about harmful chemicals leaching into your drinks & food!  Silicone is naturally mildew and mold resistent.
*BPA-free and will not leach toxins like plastic bottles and rings
*Internal volume markings make measuring your child's milk or other beverage a snap or use glass bottles to heat and pour into the stainless bottle for travel.  Each ounce is marked inside the stainless bottle and can be seen by glancing inside the bottle.
*Wide neck slow flow Pura Natural Vent Nipple™ crafted from 100% medical grade silicone (patents pending)

*Nipples all have an extended internal stem & vent system to minimize gas or air bubbles to help prevent/reduce colic.

*Compatible with wide neck nipples from Pura, ThinkBaby™, BornFree™, and Dr. Brown's™
*Bottles are designed to grow with your child; easily converts into a sippy bottle by simply changing the nipple out for a sippy spout (or any other top of your choice)
*Silicone travel cap included
*Lifetime warranty on stainless components (info included in bottle when purchased)
*Cool, bright colors. Add the insulated silicone sleeve in a contrasting color to make it fun and bright for baby or to differentiate between bottles for multiple children.

11oz bottle is perfectly suited for 6 months to adult.  Comes with a nipple top and travel cover.  Purchase additional and next phase tops like Sippy Spouts, Silicone Straws, Big Mouth Water Tops, etc. separately.  All are compatible with this bottle and help to make your kitchen clutter-free!  No more wondering where the top to a particular bottle went because they all work seamlessly!  Hooray for that!
Please note: sippy spouts may come either blue or clear as assembled by the manufacturer.