Seedling - Good Things For Kids, Knitting, Jump Rope, & more!

$ 29.99

All toys by Seedling are created to Inspire a child's inner creativity.  Toys from arts and crafts to engineering and science, every toy and kit has shown that when children are having fun, they learn best!  Just because there is knitting involved, this kit is NOT made just for girls!  Boys can have just as much fun with all the goodies packed in this little travel set.

Self contained kit for a fun play time anywhere she/he goes!  

Kit includes knitting doll, 3 colors of fabric yarn, a wooden skipping/jump rope, a set of Pick-Up Sticks, a Sketch Pad, and a set of color pencils.  Anything she can come up with, right there at her fingertips.

Age: 3+ years

Made in New Zealand

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