100% Organic Eqyptian Cotton, Under the Nile Scrappy Cats, assorted colors

$ 12.00

Each scrappy cat measures 10" in length. Slim body design makes stuffed animal easy to hold for little hands. Made of 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton and safe for baby to hug, hold, and even nipple for those with itchy/sore gums.

Washing instructions: Machine wash only. Tumble dry until toy is completely dry. Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry. Tip* Place a bath towel in the dryer with the toy to dry faster. Assorted colors.

*Under the Nile Scrappys are made from 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton Scraps left over from clothing production.

Pricing is for ONE scrappy cat.  Since Scrappy Cats are made from upcycled fabrics from the season's lines, patterns, prints, and colors may vary and change often.  A random one will be chosen per order.  All Scrappy Cats are unique and no two are exactly alike.

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